Our in-house processes let us turn plastic scrap into high-quality compounds for the plastics processing industry.
Our processes are as follows:

Purchase of raw materials
Our suppliers process plastic consumer scrap into clean, washed plastic regrind. REK Europe B.V. works with long-term partners and only purchases materials with guaranteed availability and minimal quality fluctuations.
In our own laboratory, we use a standard procedure to monitor input, using a lab extruder and other machinery. This guarantees process continuity and means you can always rely on our high-quality granulates.

Based on our fixed recipes, consumer scrap is mixed with production scrap. We develop these recipes in our own laboratory, fine-tuning them in consultation with our customers. This step in the production process creates a homogeneous semi-finished product, increasing the stability of the rest of the process.

With our own extruders/compounders, we process the pre-homogenised regrind into granulates.
This process consists of the following steps:
• Colourants and additives are added.
• The material is melted, mixed, degassed and filtered with high-quality laser filters, separating contaminants such as sand, wood, and paper from the material.
• The liquid plastic is cut into granules, after which any over-sized particles are separated with a sieve.

In our very own laboratory, we test several product properties, such as MFI, impact resistance, colour, density, hardness, etc.

To ensure a stable, homogeneous end product, our granulates are mixed/blended in our silos.

Ultimately, we provide quality certificates for our final batches in our own laboratory. In consultation with the customer, we agree on the desired properties as well as tolerance levels. Our quality department will release batches only if they meet the specified tolerance levels.


After the material has been homogenised, it is packaged in various ways, including:
• Big bags on a pallet.
• (Own) bulk silo.
• Open-mouth bags (e.g. 20 or 25 kg) on a pallet.
• Octabins on a pallet.

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