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The history of R.E.K. EUROPE BV.

The history of R.E.K. EUROPE BV.
R.E.K. EUROPE BV. Is a company that deals with the recycling and compounding of plastics. With the history of cleaning textiles the first real steps into engineering plastics were taken in 1978 with the cleaning of PTFE materials. Quickly thereafter came the other plastics such as polycarbonate, polyamides and many other plastics.
In the more than 30 years since the company has been working with plastics, it had developed into a leading company for the recycling and compounding of both new and recyclable engineering plastics. This has only been possible by listening carefully and assuming the role of partner. Particularly because we started out as a service-providing organization. Everything is possible, but not all at once, is a statement that should not be made lightly.

Given the right plastics, making works of art every day is a piece of cake.
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