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Regranulating & Compounding

Regranulating & Compounding

R.E.K. EUROPE BV. has a modern inventory of twin-screw extruders at its disposal, wich is suitable for the compounding of a large number of engineering plastics. The formulated gravimetric dosing with its appurtenant computer programs and monitoring ensures accurate, verifiable and reproducible compounds.

The following compounds are already in production:
- Natural
- Based on colour
- Fiberglass reinforced
- Mineral reinforced
- Flame retardant
- Conductive
- And many others, potentially as a development

Al our compounds are tested for the desired characteristics and subsequently, upon request, provided with a test data sheet.

On request, we can also help develop various test compounds in advance, among other things for colour, improved characteristics or other requirements. R.E.K. EUROPE BV. has at its disposal a laboratory extruder, which can give up front an insight into the required prior characteristics and/or colour or other possibilities.

R.E.K. EUROPE BV. works with ISO 9001 and 14001 regulations and procedures.
The certification for has been obtained in 2005 and was updated in 2011.
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