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Washing / separating / drying

If plastics are contaminated by clinging pollutants such as oil, sand and other items, the plastics can be washed in a counter-flow washer, after wich the granulated or schredded material is again dried.


R.E.K. EUROPE BV. has several techniques to separate plastics from other plastics and/or other contaminants such as metal, stones, wood, paper, foams and suchlike. This separation works on the basis of shape, density and other charasteristics distinguishing plastics from other plastics and the charasteristics of the contaminent. In other words, if the plastics differ among themselves by a density of 0.1-0.3 Kg/dm3, they can be separated from each other with a purity of up to 99.997%.

If the plastics are separated when wet, there is of course the possibility to bring them back to the proper residual moisture content for immediate processing. The drying processes have the capability to dry powder, shredded material and granules.

After washing, separation and/or drying, powders, shredded material and granules can be granulated, re-granulated, and/or purified by melting. Not only internal contamination can thus be treated, but also colour and concistency of form can be made possible by means of the extrusion process.
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